10 activities that you can do with kids to celebrate earth day #earthday

10 activites that you can do with kids to celebrate earth day #earthday



10 activities that you can do with kids to celebrate earth day

Earth day is a great day to spend it reminding your kids and yourself what is important. It’s a time to show the kids how to take care of this planet we live on and what better way to do it.  Here’s some things we’ve done with our kids in the past to show the earth some love.

 1. Begin planting a garden, start your seeds indoors and let them help. 

2. Leave the car home and walk or bike to get that one thing you forgot at the store. Your children will be small once and the conversations alone on this trip will make it worth while. 

3. Walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash. Recycle what you can!

4. Get the toxic cleaners out of your home and use natural cleaners like baking soda and vinegar. Show the kids how to clean green.

5. Let your kids help you make dinner and talk about where the food came from. Can you grow them yourself? Would that cut down on fuel, carbon monoxide, etc?

6. Use the library to check out a book or a video and talk about why it’s important to not buy new.

7. If your family is in need of a new item (such as shirt, belt, etc) check out a thrift store or a yard sale and explain why that is better then buying new.

8. Make a pact to not buy anything new for a month. Ask your neighbors, check the thrift stores for items you need. 

9. Borrow that tiller or electric drill if you are in need instead of purchasing new. It saves you money and lets someone be a help to you.

10. Put a container in the yard to catch the rain and have your children help water the plants. Or catch the water you run before you get in the shower. This is a great way to get them globally thinking. 

What activities can you do with kids to celebrate earth day? 

We planted our seeds last week and they are sprouting. It’s so fun for my girl to watch them grow.  Activities that you can do with kids to celebrate earth day makes it fun for the whole family.

Think globally and act locally! 

When you do activities with your kids they celebrate earth day and remember to be mindful of their planet.

It’s a win/win!

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5 Replies to “10 activities that you can do with kids to celebrate earth day #earthday”

  1. Great ideas! I love getting the kids involved in projects! I’ll be featuring this article in my PINASTIC Friday post tomorrow (April 12th)–come on over and visit!

  2. Nice tips!! I especially like the idea of borrowing those expensive items that you wouldn’t use everyday like a tiller or electric drill. We’ve done that alot in the past. If we can’t find one to borrow, we usually try to rent one for the weekend.

  3. It is important to have kids understand about the planet and earth and how we have to take care of it. We did several things like played with the dirt, planted and looked at earth worms and discussed how they are part of our world.

  4. what great ideas!! i somehow forgot about Earth day (i know bad mommy moment) but i saw thi blog post yesterday and was able to save the day a little thank you so much!!

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