Quick and Easy $5 or less Easter Table Decorations

Easter Table Decorations under $5

I love to set a nice table for my children and my husband. We are usually on a tight budget. Because of that we need to find simple things that we can use from around the house that we already have. I decided on clear glasses, jelly beans and should have added Easter grass. That’s what you should do! 🙂

Here’s what we came up with our simple cheap solutions to table decorations. Check out our table decorations.

jelly bean table decorations


Use two cute glasses that are clear. Fill them with jelly beans or mike and ikes and add two tapers. Look how elegant and simple that was.

jelly bean table decorations



You could also use your stemware.  I think this would make an elegant addition to any table.

mike and ike dec


This one actually turned out to be my favorite. I’m going to use my stemless wine glasses and add jelly beans. Then add some Easter grass around it and put it in the center of your table. Enjoy Easter dinner and let those kids help you set that table.

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28 Replies to “Quick and Easy $5 or less Easter Table Decorations”

    1. I refuse to answer because it might incriminate my 16 year old son…he ate them…he gets by with a little help from his friends 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter. heehee!

  1. I love the idea, it can be used for other holidays as well, like red M&M’s for Valentine;s Day , green for St. Patrick’s…I love the idea and low cost

  2. I never thought of using jelly beans in a vase or candle holder for fill so cute and colorful

  3. I did something similar to this last year…I used the spring colored chocolate eggs in place of the jelly beans

  4. This is a great idea, but I would use colored glass instead of jelly beans. I would rather eat the jelly beans, and I would not be able to eat them if there was wax on them. Thank you for sharing this post.

  5. Cute idea! I really don’t think the jelly beans would last in the cup though at my house 🙂

  6. Neat! You could even put single colored/flavored jelly beans in the glasses that would match some dripless candles.

  7. I love this although I don’t know how long they would be around before my kids ate the candy. lol

  8. What a cute and inexpensive decorating idea!! I would do this for myself, but we have so much trouble with Ants, I could never let them sit out. I would have to use glass pebbles or stones…something that wouldn’t catch fire or draw bugs.

  9. I love the idea of the jelly beans in the vase with a candle…. soooooooooooo colorful and fun and just a neat idea………. Thanks !!!!!

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