Pets require maintenance


I love my pet babies. But they have upkeep just as any other breathing being. I have to get my little dogs (Snowball’s) haircut every 3 months. The big lab (Snickers) needs his nails filed and his teeth brushed every 3 months as well (we brush his teeth more than that). They have to have their shots every year too. Having a pet is not an inexpensive journey. It’s a journey that may cost a lot or maybe just a little. There’s dog food, dog toys, kitty litter, kitty toys and dog or cat treats.  Snowball is also on medicine to make keep his eyes clear and bacteria free. That’s $40 every 6 months too.

If you’re thinking of giving a gift of a pet to someone just make sure that they can afford them. They are not cheap. But they are a life long journey of love, affection, joy and enjoyment. We actually got Snowball so Snickers would have someone to hang out with and talk too. They are best buds. I love watching them play. I love it so much when Snowball curls up to just sleep on Snickers and absorb his warmth. They are so stinkin cute and sweet. Tell me your great dog tales! They are so worth it aren’t they?



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  1. I just lost my beloved Dixie in January, now I am crying thanks Dina.I had her for 9 wonderful years . I still can not believe she is gone.She was perfectly fine when I went to work and the phone call I got from my daughter at work. I knew something was not right.Dixie my lab and Molly my black lab was best of friends. They were 2 years apart in age. Molly would go looking for Dixie at first now she seems to be doing much better now. I want another dog and I just think it is still too soon. I never thought I would be so attached to a dog but Dixie was my girl. It’s kind of hard to explain she was always by my side.Pets do cost money for up keep luckily labs do not need too much grooming, just the shedding, heart worm meds. We have about 15 total dogs and food cost is out of this world.Most of those are used for hunting.

    1. I am so sorry Shannon. Dixie’s was a sudden passing too. I know how hard that is to get over. They are part of our family and we love them. They make it worth it though. I was gone Sunday for over 8 hours at our handgun course and my baby kept walking through the house crying for me. Such great love!

      1. I often wish I had a video camera inside the house so I could spy on her while we are away.My husband peeked in the back door earlier this week and found Molly stretched out on the couch lol. She was so busted. They are just like our family members. I am a huge doggy lover.

  2. Pets are definitely an expensive, but extremely worthwhile addition to the family. I wish we could have dogs too, but where we live we are only allowed cats. When we move into a house it will be a different story 🙂 Your dogs are adorable!!!

  3. Some people don’t realize that having a puppy is akin to having a toddler: they require LOTS of training, attention and activity ro they will be miserable and bad-tempered. Cats are little bit easier as they are easier to potty train.

  4. I grew up with dogs and love them to death however I have a full time job with crazy hours and I would be doing a new dog a disservice since I would not have the time to take good care of it. Instead, I volunteer at our town’s shelter and donate money.

  5. We just adopted a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, and there is some serious maintanence there!!! He is the hairiest creature I have ever came across! But he is so wonderful with our children and we love him so much that it’s worth all the hair. On everything. Everywhere. 🙂

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