My many work at home jobs make life interesting.

work at home jobs


Not many people know I’m a property manager as well as a blogger.  I am in charge of 15 other homes. That means I have to make sure everything runs smoothly and all things are getting taken care of as if I was the home owner. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.  I just recently ran into a situation where a back door had to be replaced and we had to look and decide what would be the best door for this renter’s home. We looked at steel entry doors and finally picked out a really nice one. We then added a screen door to the back door.

When the renter called we realized that the rubber gasket at the bottom of the door allowed water to leak into the kitchen floor.  That caused the boards under the floor to swell. We dug in there and had to replace the floor of the kitchen. It was crazy. These things happen all the time to our homes. I just happen to have many more homes to take care of. It’s never dull. It’s always something. On one night when it was 17* outside we had to make a run to a town 30 minutes away to let someone in who had locked themself out of their home. Crazy times but it’s also good times. I’m thankful that both of my jobs allow me to stay at home and work. I love that I am the one that picks up and taxis my kids all over town every day. I’m there if they are sick, well, snow day, holiday I am there. Thank you Lord for allowing me the option of working at home. My babies may not say it but they thank you too! 

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