How to make a shamrock shake (well, my version) with a Harlem Shake thrown in!

How to make a shamrock shake

Have you ever learned how to make a shamrock shake? My kids love any kind of milk shake. We can’t afford to go through the drive through and spend $20 on milk shakes. So we make them at home. I’d been hearing about the shamrock shake that McDonald’s offers. I’ve not had one but they look good. They apparently use vanilla ice cream and peppermint extract. My kids love mint chocolate chip ice cream. So my thought was that it already has the mint in it and chocolate chips so it’s bound to be good. And oh it was! Here’s the easy recipe.

Picture instructions on how to make a shamrock shake. So yummy and easy!

how to make a shamrock shake


The shake consists of milk, mint chocolate chip ice cream and green food coloring (optional).


how to make a shamrock shake


I had to use the entire container of ice cream to make 5 shakes. I also added about 2 cups of milk. You can add more or less depending on how thick you like it. To make enough for my family I had to make 2 blenders full. They are big eaters.


shake in blender


Blend and enjoy! If the blender begins to have a hard time blending the ice cream you need to add more milk or move the ice cream by stopping the blender and moving the ice cream with a spoon. Put lid back on and blend away.


how to make a shamrock shake with pictures


You can see by looking at this picture why I had to make more. The cups weren’t even half full. LOL

My kids loved our experiment with how to make a shamrock shake.

abby shake

brennan shake


The family thought they were a huge hit. So much so that we made a Harlem Shake after the how to make a shamrock shake. Video below. Try not to judge or laugh too hard at our silly family!! 🙂

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  1. No harsh judging here, your family looks like a fun, happy one! The shakes look yummy too. I’ll will have to make this for my family soon, especially since my youngest just asked for mint ice cream. Thanks for sharing.

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