Eating Healthy and the Kids

I’m working out hard right now. I want to lose that 20 lbs. When you work out hard like that you find yourself hungry too. Then add to that the fact that you are a blogger and you have to make all these amazing foods, dips, snacks etc it makes it a bit harder to lose weight. Then add to that fact that I’m also trying to add weights in. So I will just say it. I’m not losing weight. But I am gaining muscle and muscle burns more calories then fat so I will eventually see those numbers drop! 

We do Meatless Monday. We’ve switched to whole grains instead of enriched flour. We make all these changes because we want our children to learn to eat healthy. You finally get paid back when your oldest comes home from a spend the night away from home and find out that his stomach has hurt all weekend. He looks at you and says, “Why do you have to make all that healthy food?” It made me laugh out loud.  You’re stomach doesn’t hurt because I made all that healthy food. It hurts because you ate all that junk.  Kids crack me up!  We still try to make sure we take our vitamins and our kids take their Childrens vitamins.  We want to cover our bases and make sure we are getting all the vitamins and minerals we need.  What ways have you changed your eating since having children? Share with us how you get your children to eat heathier foods!

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  1. I’ve started walking/running more on the treadmill and I’m starving throughout the day! My hunger has tripled!

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