Sports Cards: A child’s game?

Sports Cards are Collectors Making More or Less?

Many people may have little sports cards laying around their home but few realize the value they may posses. While many see these as little pieces of cardboard, others see these as a wise investment opportunity. People are getting more for their cards these days thanks to the internet and other trends in the trading industry. Here are a few ideas that have changed what you could be earning on those cards you have laying around.

Sports Cards: Internet Options

There are many places to trade your cards and the internet has made that an even wider opportunity. You can now easily trade all over the world with internet access. They can buy a card you have or you can buy what someone else has. The key is to have a good safety net set up for the trading of your cards. This will protect you and the person you work with from being scammed. You will find a lot of online trading sites and ways to help you authenticate your purchases.

Sports Cards: No Longer A Child’s Game

Once it was thought that children were the only ones interested in the sports trading cards. Maybe your dad shared them with you or you shared them with your child. The interest in these cards has changed to become more of an investment opportunity to those who deal with trading cards. These cards can bring some major money in when taken care of and handled right. This trend has changed the cards from being a child’s game to a serious collectors dream. They can bring in thousands of dollars on one card when it is handled and traded right. Many have turned this from a simple collection to a lucrative investment business.


Another trend that you are seeing in the sports cards trading industry is the PSA card grading system. This system offers authenticity to your cards so that when you sell them you can do so with confidence. This grading system helps those trading get the top dollar for their cards. This also helps you when you are buying from others. You can know you are getting an authentic piece that is certified by the company. This is very important as there are, unfortunately, a lot of scammers out there. Not only does it add to the authenticity, it adds to the value you can get from the sale or trade of your card.

Be sure to keep updated on all the changes that take place with your sports trading cards. You can get more than you think when you take time to have them graded and certified.

4 Replies to “Sports Cards: A child’s game?”

  1. My husband has tons of comic books, not sports cards.. but I know they could probably be doing something more than sitting in boxes in our basement. 🙂 I’m sure he could apply these tips to his comic books too! 🙂

  2. I heard a story recently that a card from the 1800’s of a minor league team, not even an individual player, sold for almost a million dollars.

  3. I just looked it up. It was the oldest known baseball card and was of the Brooklyn Atlantics amateur team from 1865. It sold for $92,000.

  4. The best cards aren’t the ones that you paid top dollar for, the best ones are the ones you have had for 20 years that cost you nothing that are now worth a lot. I have a McGwire and Bonds rookie that were valuable and are now worthless, but I got both of them in dollar packs of cards in the 80’s.

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