Looking to buy a car is hard work.

our Toyota Truck

We’ve been looking for my husband to have a new vehicle. As reported in past blog posts his Toyota truck is almost 20 years old.  It still runs great but we’d like a vehicle for him that was made in this decade. We’ve been looking at Toyota Matrix special offers. I would like to stress that we have been looking. We are not sure that we can afford a new car at this time. But it’s nice to dream and look.

Our results have always been positive with Toyota products. Oh, sure we’ve had to replace a few parts here and there. But, when you’ve had a car for almost 20 years you do start having to replace things occasionally.  The longevity of these vehicles can not be beat by any other make of car out there. It’s fun to dream of the newer vehicles that are out there. We try to live as debt free as possible. So that means we may be waiting for a few years to get him his dream Toyota. In the meantime, hoping and dreaming is fun too. When you look at their specials you may be surprised. Toyota vehicles are worth the money for the amount of time that the vehicle will last.

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  1. I had my 1986 Toyota Corolla for 22 years. It finally bit the dust. Currently have a 2002 Hyundai that I got from a friend. Next car will be a Toyota again.

  2. We, too are in the process of looking for a new car. It is so hard to get something you really like and get a good deal at the same time. I feel your pain!

  3. It really is hard to buy a car! We got ours just 4 years ago and it was a tough decision!

  4. You literally have to research cars constantly to stay on top of everything anymore! We learned that when my husband totaled his car. He took my car and I got a Jeep Liberty, but we could have gotten a better deal if we had knows more. Oh and he wrecked my old car about the same time the next year. Not totaled, but ugh!

    1. We are still looking! It is so frustrating. I used to be so scared that as soon as we paid the car off we would wreck it. My van is now 10 years old. It’s gotten dinged and scratched so much. But it runs and that’s all I care about!! LOL

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