Fun articles from last week! My round up post.

Some of my favorite articles to read are from my blogging friends. Here’s some of their posts that I found informative, great recipes or  great giveaways for you this week. Check them out below.


latex allergies

Dana from Pittsburgh Frugal Mom talked about Latex Allergies. I had actually been seeing latex used here signs and didn’t really understand it until I read this. I had NO idea what a serious issue this was! I cannot imagine how frustrating and scary it would be to deal with an allergy to such a prevalent substance in our society!


marshmallow fondant recipe

Shanaka from Mama Bee Does has an AMAZING marshmallow fondant recipe! I can’t wait to try it. I have always been intimidated about trying fondant, but I know I could handle this recipe!


oatmeal pancakes

Layne from Coupons with Q shares her yummy oatmeal pancake recipe. Super easy and nutritious! Plus, they can easily be doubled and stored in the freezer!



Jenn from Coupon Queen That Saves the Green has this super yummy Watergate Salad Recipe posted. Her family enjoys it holidays just like mine does! This is a childhood favorite for me and I loved that she shared her recipe for it!



Plus, don’t forget about the Bent Book Tour! You can win a $15 Amazon gift card plus a copy of the brand new book, Bent, which is excellent! Check out my Bent book review.<

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