Making Wintery Holiday Drinks

Wintery Holiday Drinks

Creating a memorable drink for your holiday party is a great way to give everybody something to talk about throughout the year. Many of the classics, such as rum and coke, martinis or even just special holiday beers are great, but they can become boring. Here are a few different ways you can spice up your holiday with festive drink ideas everybody can enjoy (of legal age).


1.  Alcoholic Snow Cones


If you own a snow cone machine or rent one, you can make many types of Hawaiian shaved ice drinks. Snow cones can be flavored with nearly any type of liqueur and even with some liquor. Rum is a great choice for flavoring snow cones because it comes in many different tropical flavors, such as coconut, mango, banana, strawberry and pineapple.


2.  Spiced Apple Cider


A great hot drink for the holidays is spiced apple cider. It’s very easy to make and you can keep it warm in a crock-pot throughout your party. All you need to do is mix fresh apple cider with any spiced rum and top it with cinnamon. You can serve it with a ladle in mugs or in Styrofoam cups to keep it warm.


3.  Spiked Eggnog


You can take on the task of making eggnog from scratch, which isn’t very difficult or you can buy it at the store and add alcohol to it. This is a great holiday drink since eggnog is only found during this time of year. The best liquors to spike it with include spiced rum, Southern Comfort and whiskey. It’s best if served with a sprinkle of nutmeg.


4.  Rum Balls


Another holiday favorite is cooking with alcohol, such as making rum balls. These are a sweet treat with a touch of dark rum, which make for a great holiday party snack. They are very easy to make and you can create them in many different flavors.


5.  Festive Ice Cubes


You can also create festive ice cubes for your drinks by freezing them with a touch of alcohol. The best part is you can use different colors to make them match your party. For example, you can use apple pucker to make them green or cherry liqueur to make them red.


Whether you decide to cook with alcohol or just make a fun drink, you can liven up your party this year. Search online for great recipes and make something everybody will remember.


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  1. I love rum balls but always forget about them until I’m eating one at someone else’s party. Next year they will be at my party too!

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