How do you remember to take your vitamins?

I have got to get better at this. I am not taking them at all and I do think about it, at some point, during the day. But I constantly forget. I need to take calcium, a multi-vitamin and fish oil supplements.  I need some tips so that I can remember to take my vitamins.  I used to be really good at taking it because I took it with my anti-depressant.  When you go through a lot of deaths in a short period of time you need that anti-depressant to get through the day.  That was my trigger to take my vitamins. Well, luckily I have been able to ween myself off the anti-depressants.

Does anyone have any recommendations that will remind me to take my vitamins daily. I’ve been out of the routine for way to long. I am one of those people who are prone to calcium deficiency. I’m also lactose intolerant so that adds a double whammy. I stopped drinking milk for a long time.  I knew something was wrong when I drank it but I didn’t know what. It took me years to figure that out! I know now that I have lactose intolerance and I drink lactose free milk at least once a day now. But I didn’t for a long time. So give me your best tips for me to remember to take my vitamins!


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  1. I need to know some tips too because I have a hard time remembering!

  2. I am terrible about it, but I do better if I put them in a weekly dispenser and have them by my toothbrush so I remember morning/night.

  3. I struggle with this too. I was in a routine, and fell out of it. I know if I can just stay consistent for a couple of weeks it will stick….I hope you find something that works for you