Have you ever slid in your heels?

Is it not the worst feeling in the world? Ugh, I hate it. That feeling where you know you are going to fall because your heels are too slick on the bottom. I was trying to find a solution to this and stumbled upon this site called Foot Petal. They sell foot pads that attach to the bottom of your shoe and prevent slipping. It would be nice to know that as you are attending that business meeting or lunch date that you are not going to fall on your face!

That’s not the only product that they sell. They also have items to prevent your straps on your strappy sandals from slipping. Cushions to help your arch and heel find comfort. Boot shapers to ensure that the leg of your boot doesn’t get creased are also available here. Shoe stretchers are something you can find here too. Did you know that they have $3 shipping? What a great deal. If you’ve not checked out this site, you really should. It has great ideas for shoe problems that I had not even thought about. Make sure you check out their sale items and take advantage of that great shipping! Let me know if you order from them. I’d love to know what you thought about their items!

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  1. Hey, I ‘ve all but but for gone heels for this very reason. But, I love how heels make me feel! I’m really wantiing to try this!y

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