Get Over a Case of the Mondays With a Little Romantic Gesture

Certain days of the week can be a drag. Especially the transition from the weekend into the first day of the week. As couples go to work, minutes can seem like hours. But why not start the day off right with a thoughtful, romantic gesture? Just because you have to go to work does not mean that your whole day has to be bad. Here are a few ideas to help your Mondays be a little more enjoyable, no matter where you may spend them.

Start the Day With Breakfast in Bed

There is no greater way to show affection then through selfless acts of service. Unfortunately, many people only think to do these on holidays and birthdays. But the best time to express you love for one another is with a small romantic gesture on a normal day. Bringing breakfast in bed can be a great way to wake up on a Monday morning, especially when it isn’t expected.

Send Flowers to Her at the Office 

The beginning of the week can be difficult. Oftentimes, these are the days that never seem to end. A great way to send a nice encouraging pick me up is with flowers. Find a local florist delivery service that can get a nice bouquet to her that day. Sending it to her right after lunch can be a perfect way to tell her that you are thinking of her. It will brighten up the rest of her day as she looks forward to getting home to you.

Plan a Romantic Dinner for Two

Show the one you love that you care by making dinner plans. Just being able to spend time together after the work day is done can make the whole day worth it. This special dinner gives you both a chance to spend time together without having to worry about preparing and cleaning up after the meal. Just because it is the during of the week does not mean that you can’t show a romantic gesture.

Starting off a work week can be hard, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make it enjoyable by adding in some romantics acts. Bringing breakfast in bed, sending flowers and going out for dinner can all be great ways to start the week off right. Doing special things for one another does not just have to be for a big events. You should do something for each other everyday. Remind your other half that you love them and care about them by doing little things to make their day better.

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