Driving all over the US in our Toyota

We have done some travelling in our almost 20 years of being married. We love to travel and the most economical way to do that is to drive most places. Last summer we visited Chicago for the first time. It was great to drive there and check out the many landmarks and great Chicago style restaurants. I love that when you travel in your Toyota you can always find someone to fix your car should anything go wrong while on the road. As you are travelling and looking for pennsylvania toyota service you know that your car will always be handled and any problems that arise on the road can be well taken care of.

We have had our poor old Toyota’s forever.  That’s the good part of being a Toyota owner. You will still have to put work into a car to keep it running 200000 miles but they will then just keep on running. We are not planning a purchase in the next year but my hubby is hoping he can get a new Toyota truck in the next 2-3 years. I keep hoping we can pay cash for a used one in that time. I have to say at this age and stage in my life I don’t care what I drive as long as I don’t have a payment on it. Debt free is the way to be! How did you purchase your car, did you save up for it or buy it with cash outright?

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  1. I have to agree with you. I’m at a point in my life that I would much rather pay cash for a car, or anything for that matter, than have any payments. It makes you feel better and puts less stress on everyone 🙂

  2. Those Toyotas sure do seem to run forever! I’m trying to get out of the new car mentality. It’s not easy. My van is paid for though and that is nice not having a car payment!

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