Why drinking diet soda is bad for your body.

I was a diet soda addict. I had 2-4 diet sodas per day and I loved them. I’ve not had one in over 2 months. I miss them terribly but I’m not going back. I began drinking them to try to save calories. What I learned is that it makes me crave sugar more. Not only that, but, it was damaging my bladder every day. According to Dr. Oz you should pee about 8 times per day. When I was drinking diet soda I could easily have done this before 10 am.  Your bladder is being overused and abused by the chemicals in the diet soda.

Diet sodas cause: overuse and abuse of bladder, metabolic syndrome, uti’s, fatigue, etc

I know some of you aren’t ready to hear this and that’s fine.  Let me just plant a seed. The soda company has made this drink so chemically laden you are addicted to it daily. I craved it all the time. I have a note on my fridge (see above picture)  giving me all the reasons I shouldn’t drink them. I’ve not had a regular soda in 3 days and I’ve not had a diet soda in 2 months. I’ve decided that tea, juice, water, coffee, milk and kool aid are what we are drinking at my house. No more sodas will I consume! It’s better for my bones, my health and my children.

There was a time when all the rage was replacing sugar and butter with artificial flavored less caloric items. We’ve come full circle yet again. I’m using full butter and sugar and nothing that’s not natural. Our bodies are our temple and it’s time to treat them as such.  If you’ve not seen the documentary Hungry for Change you need to watch it. I found it on netflix. It’s very eye opening on so many issues. Are we even eating real food? When you buy processed food in a box it’s not real food. We need to go back to the way  our families were eating 100 years ago. that was real food! If it was invented in the last 50 years we probably shouldn’t be eating it.

Oh, the good news is that once you stop drinking it after a few days your body goes back to normal. At least I had no more bladder issues anymore!

8 Replies to “Why drinking diet soda is bad for your body.”

  1. i would have never thought of this, you learn something new everyday. ) thanks for he post

  2. i totally agree…diet sodas are so bad for you. I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners in anything, really. I really cringe when I see people feeding diet sodas to small children…even toddlers and thinking they are healthy for avoiding the sugar in regular sodas…ugh

  3. I tried to tell my dad for years that diet soda was bad for him. He finally stopped, thank goodness. Thanks for this info!

  4. I do drink too much soda. I will check out the Hungry for a Change movie. thanks for the info.

  5. I have the same issues when it comes to soda. I crave it if I don’t have one. I really need to cut back too.

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