Sometimes it’s hard to not be sad during the holidays.

The holidays are great if you’ve not lost someone. There are fun and thoughtful ideas for presents. Parties to attend, concerts to go to and everything seems great. Then you, or rather me, remember all the people you’ve lost that should be here to go to these concerts with you. I’m definitely a bit sad this holiday season. As someone who has gone through this before I know I will feel better once the holidays are behind me. But for now I’m somewhat sad. Once the kids are out of school and we are making chocolate covered pretzels, three different kinds of cookies and such I will feel better.

This past year I lost my dad. I knew it would happen soon but it never happens when you are ready for it. You can never be ready for it. Three years ago I lost my brother and it was not an expected event. I’m dealing with my dad’s death better then I dealt with my brother. I had a harder time dealing with his death. It just wasn’t expected. Five years ago my best friend since the 3rd grade was taken from us. Another death not easily gotten over. The unexpected ones are not easy to deal with. It just makes the holiday a bit tougher on all of us.

I love my children. I have a great husband and I love my life. But the holidays tend to be about family and friends and that makes it harder at this time. I’m thankful for so much but am missing those I love too. I didn’t really touch on the events on Friday because it’s just one more thing I can’t comprehend or deal with. I turned the tv off and haven’t watched the news or the updates. I can’t deal with it. That kind of horror should not happen. If you know of someone who has lost a loved one this year say something to them so that they know you are thinking of them this holiday season. Don’t be afraid to mention the name of the one that left this Earth for good. They need to know someone else is thinking about them now too.

OK that’s the last depressing note of this year. I will be happier and life will look sweeter soon. Merry Christmas friends! Be there for the ones you love and remember it’s not about presents this year. It’s about the ones you love!

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  1. I understand, I lost my dad and my grandmother within 2 months of each other back in 2009. I think of them often, especially during the holidays. My father in law passed this last year, in June, and I know my husband is having a difficult time this year as well. I’m sorry for your loss, I take comfort in knowing that they are with me, albeit in spirit-throughout the year. Wishing you and yours a good holiday!

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