How To Make Your Child’s Sweet 16 Sweet

How To Make Your Child’s Sweet 16 Sweet

As a parent, there are certain crossroads that change everything. The minute the event happens, there’s no turning back. The day your daughter turns 16 is one of those significant moments. Although you might not want her to reach that particular age marker, that 16th birthday is just around the corner. And, if she’s like most other hopeful 15 year olds, she’s been looking forward to her sweet 16th birthday for years. As her devoted parent, it’s entirely up to you to make her day memorable and sweet.

To help you give your daughter a special and sweet 16th birthday party, here are some simple but important suggestions.

1 – Start Planning Early

Hopefully you have not waited until a few days before your daughter’s birthday to begin planning. If you have, you might want to skip this part because you simply don’t have time. Instead, simply start crossing your fingers and get yourself to the nearest store.

If you were smart, you are thinking about birthday planning a few months before the big day. Ideally, you should start planning at least six weeks before your daughter’s party. This gives you plenty of time to get organized. Here are some things to start planning as soon as you can:

*Plan the guest list – The size of the party will determine everything.

*Schedule entertainment and/or party venue – Some DJs and party venues may require you to book even earlier, so get on this one fast.

*Order invitations – Don’t go too cheap on invitations. Your daughter’s 16 th birthday only happens once, and the invitations will set the tone for the event.

*Set a budget – With a realistic budget in mind, you will know what you can afford and what to leave out.

2 – Pick A Theme

If you have started planning early enough, you will have plenty of time to think of a fun theme for the special event. Contrary to some opinions, birthday party themes are definitely not just for younger kids. There are tons of great sweet 16 party themes to inspire an awesome birthday party. With the right theme, the birthday party will practically plan itself because everything works together. Talk with your daughter about theme ideas, or surprise her with your creativity.

Here are some theme ideas to spark your imagination:

*Disco dance party

*Costume party

*Fashion show

*Hawaiian luau

3 – Order Supplies And Decorations

When you can, order birthday supplies well in advance. You definitely don’t want to find out too late that your supplies didn’t arrive in time for the event. Birthday supplies can make a huge difference. With the right party supplies, even a simple birthday party can be made awesome. Here are some supplies to remember for the big day:

*Birthday banner

*Plenty of balloons

*Colorful streamers

*Party favors to go with theme

*Tableware and centerpieces

4 – Plan A Party Schedule

You may feel like you are over planning things, but a simple party schedule can go a long way when the day of the party comes. Get out a piece of paper and actually write down what people will be doing throughout the party. Try to plan more activities than you think you need. This way, you are always prepared if something falls through.

5 – Let Your Daughter Run The Show

When planning a party for your new 16 year old, remember to let her be the main focus of the day. This is a time for her to feel special and important, so don’t be offended if she disregards some of your ideas. Be patient and open, and make the day special for her. You might have some awesome ideas, but you’ll have an unhappy daughter if you rain on her parade. With the right attitude and a little bit of preparation, you can create a memorable and sweet 16th birthday party for your special daughter.

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