Gag Gift Ideas that Work


Gag gifts always work great when it comes to giving and sharing a laugh. The best thing about gag gifts is that they are not limited to one occassion. Right from Christmas to birthdays, you can give a gag gift to anyone, and they’ll most definitely love it!

Regardless of whether you choose to buy a gag gift or create one yourself – it has to be something that everybody can laugh about. In the following article we look into a few nice gag gift ideas…

1. Gag Keychain: If you’re looking for a functional gift for your absent minded friend then a humorous key chain would work great. Whether it’s a keychain funny phrases printed on it or one that makes noise, it’s usable gift that anybody would like and enjoy.

2. Prank Gum and Candy: This is the kind of gag gift that will please everybody around your recipient. There are a number of such items to choose from. For example, you can go for gums or mints with an unpleasant/unconventional flavors or gummy candy that is molded into silly or funny shapes.

3. Humorous Apparel: T-shirts with funny messages or references are always popular and make a great gag gift. They appeal to all types of personalities and have a lot of variety. You can also go for t-shirts that refer to comedy TV shows and movies. For instance, you can get the popular “Bazinga” t-shirt referring to the hit comedy show “The Big Bang Theory” from a reputed store such as TV Store Online.

4. Summer Snowman: How about gifting a special snowman as a gag gift, one that is melted? It’s a simple gag gift that works great. All you need to do is fill your jar (halfway through) and drop a carrot and two pieces of “coal”. Once you’re done, label the jar as “Summer Snowman” and add a note saying “Sorry the snowman I made you melted”.

5. Fake Lottery Tickets: Does your recipient always seem to play scratch off lottery games? If yes, then a fake lottery ticket would be a perfect gag gift for him or her. As your gift recipient scratches the “fake” card to play the lottery, it reveals a prize of $10,000 or more. This usually leads to lots of excitement and celebration. Only when the recipient looks behind the card to read the claiming instructions does he or she finds out that it’s a prank.

The traditional gift exchange can get boring. Gag gifts tend to add some fun and laughter to it. They make a great gift for someone who has a good sense of humor. So go ahead and experiment with the ideas that we discussed above and bond with your loved ones the funny way!

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