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I was so excited when Disney contacted me about doing a review of Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. It is available on all the major gaming systems, xbox 360, wii, ps3, and coming in January on Mac and PC! I chose it for the wii and the kids and I played it this morning. It was so much fun. Mickey is painting his way through the world and making changes as he goes.

In Epic Mickey, Mickey was trying to use his powers for good to rebuild the Wasteland, the world that was forgotten and ruled by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Now somethings changed Wasteland and only Mickey and Oswald working together can help save the home for forgotten toons. Unleash the power of these two superstars and find out if they can save the town for the toons. Save them in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

I excitedly got it out of the box with the cheers from my children playing in the background as inspiration to get it opened and begin playing.  Once opened and put in I found a cute little intro video walking me through the reason we were there and what our mission was. I used my wii remote to move Mickey through the world and paint rocks to extend the walkway. I noticed the resemblance to Fantasia as the brooms and mops were walking around all through the game. It was great fun as I had to find Mickey’s paintbrush so I could continue the game. The kids were loving it too. I left them too it after playing it for about 20 minutes. They played it so much that day I had to make them turn it off and go outside for a few minutes! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Enter to win Oswald’s hat and the Epic 2 Mickey game! Good luck and if you get the game let me know what your kids think about it.

Here’s where you can go ahead and get Epic Mickey 2 for either wii, xbox, or ps3.


and enter below to win Oswald’s hat and the Epic Mickey 2 game for your gaming system! He has some really big ears.  Oh and you can win the game Epic Mickey 2! Enter to win!!


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I was given Epic Mickey 2 as a review/giveaway item from Disney. It in no way effected my review and this is my honest feeling of the product. My opinions may differ from yours!

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