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This is the new generation of what we called “board games” growing up. I was so excited to get this product as a review and for my family to play it. It gave us quite a few hours of fun. You use your smartphone and go to their website. You then use their QR reader. Then scan the cube to find out the question that you are to answer. Each side of the die is a different category. Our family had a lot of fun playing this the other night. Codigo Cube is the new in game in board games for this holiday season.

The great thing about this game is that you can take it anywhere. Waiting for your dinner while out at a restaurant and the kids won’t be still? Break out this game and play. The kids love it. You start discussions from the questions and it gets the family talking and playing together. I love that my family interacts so well with this game.  You can even adjust the skill level of the questions for the kids. If you’re playing with younger kids you might have it set to easy if it’s all adults set it to difficult and watch them squirm.  It’s educational and enjoyable. How many games can you say that about?

So to sum up, you download the app. Take a picture of the cube. Log in to their website, put in your players and the difficulty setting and you are up and running!  Cost is around $10 and you can find it at Amazon and Walmart!  Happy playing! We want to thank Codigo for giving me one to review and one to giveaway. So, enter the giveaway through our giveaway tools below!




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  1. We like to play Trouble during our family game nights. If I won, I would play this game with my daughter

  2. Favorite game: Life (but Yahtzee is my favorite of all time, just not a board game). I’d play THIS game with my kids

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