5 Things you can do today to get your plumbing ready for winter!

Winter is fast approaching. I’m sitting in my warm house and my feet are freezing right now. Winter, when it hits, can hit hard and stay for a long time like an uninvited guest you can’t wait to get rid of. Here are a few quick and easy ways to make sure you don’t have to call Roto-rooter Plumbing & Drain Service in for an emergency fix!
1. Disconnect hoses outside. The outside hoses can cause problems if not disconnected. Once you’ve disconnected it make sure you get a protector for the faucet.  Those Styrofoam protective covers are perfect for the winter and protecting your outside faucets.  Every little bit of protection helps your pipes and this is a small one that can really help.
2. When the temperature drops let your water drip inside. We always drip our water from the faucets when it gets to be less than 18* and it does help the water continue to flow and not freeze. We drip every faucet in the house. This is a must for older homes. We don’t drip it where it is a fast, moving stream. We drip it where it’s just a drip, drip, drip.
3. Make sure your house stays above 55* inside so that your pipes do not freeze. If you have a top floor and you close the door and do not heat it you must make sure the heat is on upstairs. That’s a mistake my mom made and she paid for broken pipes and a mess upstairs and down. Keep the heat set in those areas you don’t use so that the pipes don’t burst.
4. Close all the vents outside of your house. Make sure your crawl space door is closed and that your garage door stays shut. This will help your house stay warm and your pipes too!
5. I put blankets or towels down at my front and back door to keep the draft from blowing in. I’ve known people to also tape plastic around their windows. In my opinion you do what you have to do to keep your home warm and comfy during the winter. Happy Winter!


This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are honest and my own.

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