Wreck It Ralph Review and Activity sheets

Last night my family and I was invited to attend the screening of Wreck it Ralph. I was more excited then my kids to go. This movie did not disappoint me. There were “old school” video game characters in it that made me feel very welcome at this movie. My kids loved it as well. The 10 and 6 year old I expected to enjoy it. I didn’t even make plans to take my 15 year old. He told me that he wanted to see it at the last minute and I was scrambling to get him a ticket. All 3 kids enjoyed the movie. They laughed and one even cried a little bit. It was a family fun movie with a touch of a heart warming theme.

When we left I asked them what the movies take away (moral) was? My sensitive one said, “Be proud of who you are and be the best you that you can be.” That was a pretty good take away and I’m happy that my child left this movie feeling good about himself. Wreck it Ralph is a bad guy in a video game. He just wants to be the hero for once. What he learns when he leaves his video game to be a hero is that he was the most needed team player of his game. He had no idea his worth. Children who are having a hard time will really be able to relate to this movie.

Here’s a trailer of the movie. I hope your family enjoys this movie as much as my family did.

Here’s some great Wreck it Ralph activity and coloring sheets.

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