Give A Dam free iPhone/iPad app review


I love bringing you new apps and games to try out. Here’s another free one the kids will enjoy.  I got this one from Chupa Chups and it is a pretty fun game once you figure out what you are doing. The Chuppa Chups have been around in Spain since 1958. They live by the Life Less Serious philosophy and so does their mascot Chuck, the beaver (one  of the stars of this game.)

It reminds me of tetris only with way better graphics and much cooler.  The game takes place on a fast flowing river. They keep throwing people/things on rafts for you to clog up the river and make it dam.  Like tetris has you put the blocks in to block the bottom row this one uses characters on rafts to block the holes.

There are some cute graphics and music too. Koi and other fish, waves, a shark, submarines and then when you die (and let’s face it we all do on games when we are learning them) a beaver (Chuck) in a swim ring decked out with a mask and scuba gear pops up.  My high score was 23487. Let me know how badly you beat me!

You can like them on facebook  and write a review of the game and then after you download the game and it will unload more levels (click the forum tab on their facebook page for further instructions.) Here’s a cute video on how it works. Make sure you check it out!


If you have a child you might want to consider the name before purchasing Give a Dam. The name doesn’t bother me but it might bother some.

Game available for download worldwide from 5th November 2012 via the app store at !/id546606953?mt=8 Don’t forget to get your free download. It’s great for kids and adults too!





This is a compensated post for Chupa Chups. All opinions are 100 % honest and my own and they may differ from yours.

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