Country Cupboards Cookie Review

As the holiday season kicks off, my thoughts drift to cookies more often
than what is considered normal I am sure. Every year I aspire to bake a
delectable assortment to offer to my family, friends, neighbors and the
people that make my life easier during the year. I start off with great
intentions, but as the days fly by, it seems there are never enough hours
in my day to actually start baking all the recipes I selected.

Sure, I could easily drop by the local grocer and purchase a few tins or
boxes of pre-baked cookies to save time, but have you ever tried any of
these seasonal offerings? Take my word for it, they are not worthy of gift
giving many times.

Earlier this month I had the chance to try a sampler package from Country
Cupboard Cookies. This review was super yummy, and it hit me all at once.
This is the solution to the holiday cookie fiasco I normally undergo.


Country Cupboard Cookies are made with the finest ingredients, in small
batches and are hand scooped. These are artisan cookies that are baked
with a family passion for baking. The presentation is every bit as
impressive as the flavor of the cookies. Upon arrival, my son was ready to
help me review these cookies right away. I hesitated, they looked so lovely
in the packaging, I had to linger for a few moments taking it all in.

I liked every flavor I tried. Double Chocolate Fudge was drool worthy with
a deep chocolate flavor and a soft yet chewy consistency.

My husband said that the Sugar Cookies looked and tasted like heaven. He
didn’t mind telling me they were even better than my homemade cookies. I
could not disagree with him, he was right… they were better than what I
make. Coming from me, that is the highest compliment. I rarely concede that
my baked goods are inferior to another’s.


Connect with Country Cupboard Cookies to learn more or to order a box of
delicious treats for someone special this year. Trust me, these are so
good, Santa will never see one.




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