Clever Holiday Costume Ideas for Adults

Finding a clever Halloween costume idea is easy for the kids, but what about the adults? The adults deserve to have the same fun. If you’re stuck up with costume ideas this holiday season then check out the ideas below to get going…
For Women

1. Katniss Everdeen: The Hunger Games was a popular movie and made the character of Katniss Everdeen even more popular. She turned out to be the ‘it’ girl nobody wanted to mess with. So if you’re brave and have it in you to carry the ‘killer look’, then dress up as Katniss. All you’d need would be a black shirt, cargo pants, a jacket and boots to go with it. And yes, don’t forget the bow and arrow.

2. The School Girl: When it comes to sexy adult costumes, nothing beats the “oh so innocent” schoolgirl look. A look that no man can resist. Why? Because you get to wear mega short skirts, show off a bit of cleavage with a dress shirt, put on with white socks and brief blazer. Once you’re dressed up, you just need to tie those long locks of yours into a ponytail, and you’re ready to  go.

For Men

3. The Nerd: If you’re a nerd at heart and usually dress up as one, then you could go to a halloween party straight from work. But if you’re not a nerd, then you could dress up as one by wearing a short-sleeved shirt that’s buttoned to the top along with matching high water pants. For added effect, you can have ‘leaky pens’ in your shirt pocket with ink stains in the right spots. With everything in place, top it off with a pair of big, dorky glasses.

4. General Aladeen: If you’re up for a flashy look and don’t mind getting the stares, then dressing up as General Aladeen from the movie Dictator is a good idea. However, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation for the costume such as getting a highly decorated military uniform (you could do the decorating yourself if you want) with an appropriate hat and the signature white gloves. Also get a real looking big black beard and pair of dark sunglasses to look like the funny, offensive dictator.

For Couples

5. Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf: This is a couple costume that never goes out of fashion, and always works. For the “Little Red” look you could get a red-hooded cloak. If not that, even a sweatshirt would do. Apply some rosy makeup along with stockings and pinafore. The wolf costume on the other hand with the fangs, pointed ears, face paint and furry tail, can get as real as you want.

6. Edward and Bella: You may or may not be a twilight fan, but dressing up as Edward and Bella from the movie will definitely get you the attention. For the Edward look get a gray coat, black “vampirish” sunglasses with your hair all scruffy and unruly (the fangs are obviously a default). And for becoming Bella, go casual with a hooded jacket over a light colored plain t-shirt, jeans and sneakers of your choice. That’s about it!

The type of costume you choose to go for depends on your personal choice and preference. But make sure you don’t put on something boring. Be clever in your approach to find the best idea to go with!



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