The Importance of Earning Interest

The Importance of Earning Interest

When you have a sum of money, many people are tempted to simply stick it under the mattress or put it in their piggy banks until they need it. While this is a natural inclination, you may be missing out on a lot of money that you could have in the future. With the power of compound interest, you’ll be able to grow your savings substantially. Why is interest so important?


In the economy today, inflation has become a big problem. The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States, and they are in charge of determining how much money needs to be in the money supply and what the interest rates are. As they continually print more money, this lowers the value of the dollar.

This means that everything costs more when you try to buy it. If you just leave money under the mattress, that money is becoming less valuable everyday. By the time you use the money, you’ll be able to buy less than what you could initially. Because of this, earning some interest is critical if you want to protect the purchasing power of your capital.

Compound Interest

Putting your money into a high-interest savings account like the one you can find  one online that  gives you an opportunity to take advantage of compound interest. Compound interest is one of the most powerful forces in the financial world.

With compound interest, the interest is calculated on the balance of the account every period. The interest that is earned is then added to the balance of the account, and is included in the interest calculation the next time it’s calculated. This means that your account balance will start to snowball after a while.

Different Options

When you have a sum of money and you can decide what to do with it, there are plenty of different types of accounts that you could open. You could put your money into a regular savings account, checking account, a mutual fund or into an investment account. With a mutual fund or investment account, there is some risk associated with your money.

For example, you could put your money into a traditional mutual fund, an exchange-traded fund, or even into a regular stock. All of these investments can earn substantial returns, but they can also cause you to lose money. Putting money into any of these types of investments is a gamble and there’s no way for anyone to know what could happen with them.

You could lose everything with this type of account. With a regular savings or checking account, you may not earn any interest to speak of. With a high-interest savings account, you get the higher returns without having to take on the risk that comes with putting money into the investment markets.

Instead of just sitting on your money, consider shopping around and take the time to find an account that actually will give you what you need. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you check your account balance.


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