Musician Bonnie Raitt: Life and Times

Many people know about the amazing musician Bonnie Raitt. She was born on 8th of November, 1949, and she’s renowned all over the globe as an American blues singer as well as a songwriter. Her parents were John Raitt, a Broadway musical star and Marjorie Haydock, a pianist. Her parents passed down the music gene to her, and she began playing the guitar at a very early age. She began playing folk and blues in various bars in Boston, and she performed along blues legends like Sippie Wallace and Howlin’ Wolf.

Her rise to fame started when she accepted an offer by Warner Bros. And in 1971, she released her debut album ‘Bonnie Raitt’. It was well accepted by music critics who admired her skills as a bottleneck guitarist and a singer. She released her second album ‘Give It Up’ in 1972, and it was met with universal acclaim. She released her next album ‘Takin’ My Time’ in 1973. Though all of these albums were praised by critics, they didn’t do well in the sales department.

Her first commercially successful album was ‘Sweet Forgiveness’ which was released in 1977, and it included her hit single ‘Runaway’. Warner Brothers let her go in 1983 and after that she saw a decline in sales of the new albums she released. She even began having problems with alcohol and drug abuse. She again saw fame after the release of her album ‘Nick of Time’ in 1989, and she began receiving Grammy awards for her further work. She has received 9 Grammy awards, until now. And in 2000, she was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and this cemented her position as a talented artist. She is also a very politically active musician, and she has spent years in order to provide attention to political issues across the globe.

Her work is inspired by politically-themed folk music. She has also gained inspiration from the works of Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, James Taylor, A.C. Reed, The Rolling Stones, Charles Brown, Ruth Brown and other blues legends. Her work has inspired the likes of Beth Hart, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Sophie B. Hawkins and other famous female singers who have a message in their songs.

Her music has always had some sort of a theme behind it. Her earlier work is based on politically- themed folk music. She did try to experiment with other tunes and tried to make her style more contemporary and mainstream. However, critics and people have enjoyed her work when centered on rhythm and blues. Her husky voice has attracted a lot of fans. Her live performances have been praised as well.

She still plays in various locations and has a very loyal fan following. By simply searching online, people can buy Bonnie Raitt tickets. These tickets are still in high demand among people who like listening to blues. People who like to be entertained by a musician who was the voice of her generation should get Bonnie Raitt tickets and experience the magic.


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