Making Your Online Marketing Personalized

The power of the Internet has changed many different businesses over the years, and it has had a profound impact on the area of marketing. With online marketing, there are so many different possibilities for companies to be able to reach their target market. One of the biggest advancements in online marketing is the emergence of personalized consumer advertising. What exactly is personalized consumer advertising, and how can it help a business?

Personalized Consumer Advertising

With personalized consumer advertising, companies use technology to be able to reach their customers in a new way. Instead of just putting an ad out there for everyone to see, the marketing campaign shows a different ad to every customer. This way, the marketing is done in a personalized way that is based on what the customer likes.

There are many prominent marketing companies in the personalized consumer advertising niche, and finding them is only a matter looking. Check out Kent Ertugrul on CrunchBase for an example of an expert in the field of personalized consumer advertising who helps clients soften their marketing entries into niche communities.

How it Works

With this type of marketing, tracking cookies and programs are set up so that they can keep track of what people do online. If they go to a large number of sites with a particular theme, this tells the advertising company that they are interested in that topic. This way, when they come to a website that is using this type of technology, the advertisement can be tailored to meet their interests. By doing this, the customer will be much more receptive to the advertisement and to the company that is selling something.

For example, with some companies, users can get a personalized homepage based on the content that they visit online. Advertisers can also market to them products and services that would be of interest. This makes it possible to reach people who may not necessarily know that they are looking for your products or services until they see them.


If you are planning on getting involved with online marketing, you should put a priority on personalizing your campaigns. People have been desensitized to pointless advertising, as they have been bombarded by it over the years. Because of this, you have to get a little creative and look at other options that you may not have considered before.


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  1. Yeah, I know some people are bothered by this because they feel it’s an invasion of privacy…but I like some level of personalized advertising for the same reason you mentioned–who care’s about watching ads that don’t relate to you. If you have to watch them, better they relate.

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