Improve Your Swing for a Better Batting Average

Baseball is a fun sport for people of all ages. It becomes more enjoyable when in possession of a great batting average. There are four key areas to pay attention to when improving batting average. A person can master them all.

Find Your Stance

If you watch professional and semi-professional ball players, you will see that each batting master has a similar stance. The width of their stances varies, but the common quality is that they look relaxed yet ready to spring at any second. To find your stance, practice swinging at nothing, but pretend a ball is coming at you from the pitcher’s mound.

When you find that position where the swing is comfortable and you know you could switch to running for first base less than a second later, you have found your stance. Once you have it, have someone pitch to you so you can adjust as needed.

Equipping the Right Bat

Just as players need dependable baseball gloves for their fielding positions, they need to find the right bat for consistent batting performance. There is no “one size fits all” bat. A smaller person may do better with a slightly heavier bat to get enough leverage and weight behind the swing for greater distance when hitting.

A larger person can often get away with a lighter bat because the weight and leverage is already there. That allows for a faster swing and even more power when the bat connects with a ball. It is important to also find a bat that fits your hands. A comfortable grip ensures a more naturally comfortable swing.

Timing is Essential

Have someone throw at you with various throws and speeds and techniques. Eventually, you will have the ability to judge how fast the ball is coming, what kind of spin is on it and where you have to swing the bat to connect. No one gets it right every time, but the better your timing skill gets, the more accurate a batter you become.

Know Your Pitcher

Predictable pitchers are fantastic for batters. They usually only have one throw and one speed, which allows a batter to practice timing in an in-game setting. However, keep an eye out for those pitchers who can adjust their pitches. They are the ones that help hone your stance and timing the most, because they force you to adjust.

As all four elements mesh cohesively, batting will improve. Just keep practicing once you find your stance and the right bat!


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