How to speed up your computer in a few easy steps!

A slowdown of your computer can be caused by a virus. Viruses that attack your computer stink. I hate them. There are a few things you can do according to Supergeek. The first thing you can do is run your spybot or malware scan.  Any virus that attacks your computer can usually be taken out by running your virus scan. Do any updates to your virus scan software first. Then run your scan.

If you notice things get a little better but there are still problems or it seems your computer is dragging then you may need to defrag your computer. This is found in your computer controls.  Click the start button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.  Click programs. Then click on your accessories.  Then click system tools and finally click disk defrag. Be sure you have turned off your screensaver because that will put a stop to the defrag process.

Don’t forget to clear your cookies too. I hope these tips help you keep your computer up and running in tip top shape! Speed is what we want from our computers. Speed is what you get when you run these scans and defrags! With 3 kids my computer is constantly being attacked by the fun gaming sites they go to. These simple fixes almost always work to get my computer up and running again.


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