Great free apps for your iPhone or iPad

I am not getting paid to bring these great apps to you. I just wanted to share some of my favorite free apps with you.

Plays all the latest music!

Just do a quick search for I heart radio in the itunes app store.

You have to download the kindle app to get all my Friday’s Free books! Great download from the itunes store.

Best game for your kids! Angry Birds Space

Great for answering those questions kids ask that you can’t answer. It’s called How stuff works.

A must have for kids in school! Merriam Webster Dictionary


Finally hootsuite. This is a great free app that will allow you to control facebook, twitter, google plus all in one location.

Feel free to download and let me know what apps are your favorite.

2 Replies to “Great free apps for your iPhone or iPad”

  1. Thanks for sharing all of these! I’m still pretty new to the iPhone world, so I appreciate the list. I’ll have to give all of them a download too, since they all sound like apps I would enjoy. In the few months I’ve had my iPhone I’d say my favorite apps are: Instagram, Pandora, DISH Remote Access (DRA) and Turtles, Huh? That last one has a weird name, but it’s actually a pretty fun app full of mini games. The app I like to use the most though is that DRA one. I go away a lot for business, so ever since my coworker at DISH got me a Sling Adapter I’ve been using it to keep up with all of my favorite shows, live or recorded, everywhere I travel to. It’s nice to have especially when I know a show I love is airing at home, and I’m half way across the country. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I love Angry Birds Star Wars {My granddaughter is way better than me at it tho’ and she’s only 4}, I want to check out the car locator app – I’m always loosing my van in parking lots. I use the reading apps a lot – Aldiko, Kindle, Overdrive…

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