What do you decorate your home with?

I’m constantly looking for ideas to decorate my home. They have to be simple and very inexpensive. So, I love seeing what others have done. Most of the items I decorate my home with are found at thrift stores or yard sales. Looking around Pinterest I’ve seen some really cool wall hangings made from toilet paper rolls. I love those. I just wish I had more time to make them!

I would love to find a place that sells great items for inexpensive prices. Home decor flash sales has a lot of great items at good prices. They have a lot of beautiful modern pieces for your home. I am impressed with the items I saw there. My favorite pieces that are hanging on my wall are my family pictures my friend Marlise took. She took amazing pics and we had them done in black and white and with black frames and white matting. I love them! Simple and beautiful is all I require to put on my walls.

I also have simple wrought iron hangings that I purchased at a yard sale (see pic). I love them too. Beautiful things to hang on your wall does not have to cost you a fortune. You can find beauty in the simple lines of things. Just know that you can even use what you have to make beautiful wall hangings. Art is what is beautiful to you. Put your art or especially your children’s art on your walls at your house. I matted and framed one of my son’s  art prints and it makes beautiful art that he created. Have you done something creative with your children’s art or your house? I want to hear about it, leave me a comment.

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