Tune Up Utilities for Back to School #Giveaway

I don’t know about you but my kids are always on my computer. Then when I need to get on and pay bills, work, write, etc my computer has come to a grinding halt because of the shenanigans aka sites that my kids go to. I almost always have to run a spyware of some sort. With my kids back to school I am loving be able to work more in the quiet of my home. I also found a great new TuneUp Utilities that has been an answered prayer for my poor laptop! Check them out!

When I first downloaded and used the service it immediately did tests on my computer to see what all I needed. Then it ran a defrag, removed unnecessary files, and cleaned up my system! It was very quick and efficient. This is a service that is great for young adults heading off to college, parents who need a reliable program to test their computer, writers like my crazy teenage son and just about anyone who needs to keep their computer up to date and in tip top shape! Here’s some info from their site.

Why TuneUp Utilities for Back to School

Tune-Up Utilities is a great PC Optimization software product for those families that have multiple PCs and are debating whether to
purchase a new one or to refresh the older technology. This is perfect for kids going off to schools with laptops that are useful,
but need more performance for multimedia applications like PhotoShop, Windows Office applications like Excel or even online PC
gaming. After downloading it’s easy-to-use and will boost performance, save battery life, and even analyze or troubleshoot any issues.

How TuneUp Utilities is distributed:

The TuneUp Utilities software is a Software- As- A -Service solution where one can download directly off the site (as you are doing) or
can be purchased directly off the site. They do have various resellers as well which you can find under the “Business Solutions”
Distributions tab on the website.

Follow them!

Twitter: @TuneUp4Windows
Facebook: TuneUp Fan Page
YouTube: TuneUp4Windows Channel
Google+: TuneUp Utilities Page
Podcasts: TuneUp Podcasts about Windows

Now leave me comment on my community and tell me what you use your clean up system for?

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  1. My oldest son does the same exact thing to me and then I have to wait til I can use my computer. I have Malwarebytes Anti Malware as well as Advanced SystemCare Active Boost which is something the schools here use.


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