Reel Cash Critters from Gamesville

My whole family loves to play games. We love clue, yahtzee and scrabble for our favorite board games. My boys love to play their PS3 and Wii. I try to get them games that will entertain their body as well as their mind. I want them to exercise.  Well when does mama get to play? Gamesville set me up with a gold account and I was able to play some this morning. Outside of bejewelled I do not play a ton of games.  They just don’t interest me like they do my boys. I wonder if it’s a girl thing? We’re more into relationships and people. Not sure about that just something I noticed.

So, I had my breakfast and then pulled up the Gamesville website Reel Cash Critters. So for me to play, I first logged in. Then I wagered my GVs (Gamesville’s virtual currency that you can win by playing their games) and spin. You can win cash prizes from $5-$10, which is such a fun part of the game! This game is just like slot machines. It was fun.

When you become a Gold member gamer you get another game on top of the Spin-o-Matic. “Reel Slots Shots” looks like a county fair-style shooting gallery and you can win GVs. Ducks, rabbits, and even their mascot Poke jumps up for your chance to shoot it. The more you get, the more GVs you win.

There are 6 battles that happen throughout the day, and 2 of them give out cash prizes. All gamers are winners at Gamesville. With the cash prize games, a member of the winning team and a member of the losing team are chosen to win the cash prize. So you can win even when you lose!

Reel Cash Critters isn’t the only game that pays you on Gamesville. Some of their nice sized  jackpots for their many games can reach up to $10,000 grand!  And, if you’ve decided to become a Gold member, that jackpot then doubles. There are many other games for you to play on Gamesville. Just look around and find one that fits your gaming style! My  other two faves were Bingo Zone and HotStreak Solitaire. Let me know if you play and what your favorites are!


For my readers that  go to this Gamesville URL to sign-up they will get 10,000 free GVs added to their new account. –

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This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media.Thoughts are my own. I received a Gamesville Gold Membership and compensation for my time investment and work on this campaign.

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