Our older home needs some redo’s!

I love my home. It’s perfect for our family. However, it does need some updating. I’ve talked in the past about wanting to get my counters redone. i’d love to put granite in there. The kitchen floor would look beautiful done in tile. Then I want the bathroom counters and floors done as well. We also need to look into redoing our insulation. After 26 years redoing the insulation is something we should consider.

By getting it re-insulated you will be helping make your home more home efficient. I looked at different places online to see what they all offered. There was one, Ottawa spray foam insulation, who actually has a deal going where you get 15% off an attic upgrade when you spray any other room.  They even do a price comparison to show you the difference between standard insulation and spray foam insulation. It costs twice as much to do spray foam insulation. But the utilities and electricity drops by 50% each year. That’s quite a savings! In less than 3 years you would actually see a return on your investment. You would begin to see the difference in your wallet!

I love that they are a green company. They are working to make more homes eco-friendly. That’s a great thing for us older home owners to do. Then to actually see a return on your investment is just icing on the eco friendly cake!


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