Healthcare in this country sucks… Rewind!

My dh im’d today to find out if we wanted to go with regular healthcare offered by his company instead of the HSA. They will be taking 340 out of each paycheck two times per month. Really? This is someone’s idea of healthcare. That is more than my first house note and yes it’s actually more than my housenote now. Who in the heck can afford to pay that for healthcare? It’s no freaking wonder people are choosing to not have healthcare. They really aren’t choosing it they don’t have a choice and can’t afford it. That is freaking ridiculous. That great price got us a 3500 dollar deductible per person and 7500 per family. Really? Why bother?

We went with a HSA. Guess what we’ve already met the deductible this year for the family at 7500. I love this country but what the heck is wrong with the healthcare system and how do we fix it? Ridiculous. STUPID. NOT AFFORDABLE. There is something wrong in this country that this is an acceptable amount to charge a family that is very definitely middle class. Other words to describe how I feel right now…pissed, angry, wondering how the government can be so mindless that the drug companies/insurance companies/hospitals can get away with charging this amount of money. Your house is supposed to be 25% of your income. What the heck do the people do when their house is 25% and their healthcare is 26%? Yeah, sorry, I’m a touch angry.

We cut cable this year. I’m not sad at all about that. However, we cut it because of healthcare and hospital bills. To me that is wrong. I have no problems paying my bills. We are already paying  $450 for useless healthcare. I guess in their minds what’s paying 680 for absolutely nothing when you are already paying 450 for nothing.

Please don’t post about how Obama was trying to help that. You can’t mandate that people have to purchase healthcare at these stupid, ridiculous prices. Why bother having healthcare at all? Let’s go back to when doctors didn’t take insurance and charged reasonable fees. If there was a doctor in my area that offered healthcare and did not accept insurance that is who I would be seeing right now.

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  1. People don't believe me when i say that we have the same sort of "healthcare" system in South Africa. Considered by most, a third world country. Cannot get care unless you pay upfront in cash or have insurance and insurance is so astronomically expensive that most folks cannot afford it. Not good when a first world country like the US offers the same care at the same prices as a "third" world country. And yes, the care IS EXACTLY the same …

  2. Angel D says:

    We live in frightening times… where illness is profitable. The sicker we are, the more $$ someone is going to make. As long as disease and sickness are profitable in our country, I fear things won't easily change. Hang in there and know we are pissed and frustrated right there with you.

  3. bina edwards says:

    often the new form of healthcare that is trying to be introduced to your country is compared to my country BUT Canada’s health care is government funded while the new U.S. version is still with the insurance companies. I can not imagine paying for healthcare like you guys do. (my workplace does have a coverage plan but the only stuff we actually use it for are things like eye care, ambulance, out of country health insurance) I am also amazed that the U.S does not have maternity leave (we have one year paid thru EI, as long as you have enough working hours in)