Cupcakes, birthdays, parties oh my!


We are in mad preparation mode at the Demarest home. We have a son turning double digits. That’s right. The big 1. 0. How is that possible? Wasn’t he just a baby yesterday? He wants a big party somewhere other than here. But, according to my wallet, it will be here! He and I have discussed our options. I think we’ve come up with Nerf War as a theme with all this friends. I’m not quite sure how to make nerf cupcakes though. Any ideas for me?  I did see these cute cupcake favor boxes that I am planning to utilize. I can buy them in bulk and use the leftovers for at least 5 more birthday parties.

When we do birthday parties we try to do them on a smaller scale. We invite their best friends and family and that’s about it. So we end up with about 5 extra kids and some family. Doing parties on a budget really makes you think and stretch. I’m planning on making pizzas for the food. We have less than 2 weeks to get this party off the ground. I had better get busy! I have more planning to do. Pinterest, my new best friend, I hope you have some great nerf ideas for me. If not, you can look for me to share mine in the coming weeks! Love you my soon to be 10 year old son!

And Now (well ok this was last year!) No judgement! 😛

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