Cranky kids+ homework=Cranky mom…can I get a witness?

We’ve had to set some new rules at Casa de Homework. I am so tired of my child being such a bear to me at homework time. The girl is showing me fast and furiously I’m not going to have a happy time going through her teen age years. I’m so very thankful she’s happy when she’s elsewhere and feels comfortable letting it all out on me! Yeah that’s the ticket, yeah!

We’ve added new rules. I can’t take it anymore. They get no sugary snacks for homework time. The only sugary snack they are going to be allowed is after dinner time. Protein and veggies is the only way we’re going on this one. I have to make it out of this alive.

On the other hand, with my son we had been trying something new. I was allowing him to do his homework after he played for a while. Miraculously he never seemed to have much homework. After a lovely letter from his teacher, he’s lost his privileges of doing things his way. Sigh. Homework is exhausting more for the parent then the kids. So, for now we’re back to doing homework with a healthy snack as soon as they get out of school. Then, sometimes I end up with one of these just trying to get them to do their homework.

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