Vipre rocks the virus and system scanning for your pc!

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You have got to try the Vipre software. I downloaded it and used it almost instantly. It’s super easy to use. Takes less space on your computer and does its job better than any other system scan I’ve used.  The first time I used it I had just done a scan using a different product and it found one thing that needed to be removed. Vipre found 257 risks and took care of them for me! Here’s a pic from when I downloaded and used it for the very first time.


I was very impressed. As a blogger I constantly find my computer slowing down. I’m not sure if it’s because I blog or because I have children that constantly want to download and play games on my computer. But regardless this system scan had my pc running smooth in no time! If you have questions please feel free to go to or visit them on facebook here:

Vipre is designed to not only scan for viruses but also to speed up your system. This gives you a high system software boost not to be found in other virus/spyware programs. I’m very happy I installed Vipre. I could tell a difference almost immediately when I ran my scan. It was so simple to download and easy to use. Anyone with basic knowledge of a computer can use this simple software solution. Enjoy spending your time doing your work or surfing the net instead of freezing up and slowing down your computer by taking up lots of disc space. This one takes very little space, optimizes your computer and in general makes your life easier. Download it now and see for yourself! Thank you Vipre for a quality software that does its job well!

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