Sick days and sunshine (YOLO)

Yesterday I had a very busy day planned. They never go as planned, do they? My baby girl got sick at school. So in the middle of my many things to do day, I went and picked up both children from school.  She’s quite a trooper with her fever, cough and being sick to her stomach. We had a great day anyway. Even got the whole family involved in helping daddy fix the truck and put the bed back on the truck. It’s really cool to see how things work together like a puzzle.


So, then there’s today. I didn’t have tons planned to do today. I’ve enjoyed the sunshine and my little girl having the day off. She’s enjoyed her tv and her mom! We’ve just talked and talked. She’s quite the talker. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that we are supposed to sit back and smell the roses. She’s a rose, my little girl. Take the day off blogging and enjoy my little girl, why, yes, thank you I think I will. So, my friends, go out and smell the roses today. You only live once (YOLO!). Go LIVE!

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