Naked binders?

Did that get your attention? Ha! I received a lovely box of binders in the mail and they are called Naked Binders. I love this company and their products. They make recycled notebooks, folders and office supplies. They believe in donating a portion of their sales to conservation of wilderness and wild areas. I love working with a company that believes in giving back and supporting causes.

As binders go, you can tell by the name that this one is made from recycled material. Another huge bonus for us moms is that they do not release any toxins into my child’s environment. No one wants their child breathing in toxins. Purchasing a naked binder is another way you can save the landfill. The fact that they use no plastics, vinyl or other toxins in the making of their binders is such a great bonus.

But don’t listen to me. Listen to the words my son said to me. I gave my 9-year-old 4th grader a naked binder and he took it to school. I looked through everything he brought home from the first day of school. His words to me were, “my friends thought I had the coolest binder.” I never said a word about his new notebook. This was the first thing out of his mouth as I pulled his binder out to check out the notes from the teacher. I love it. But more importantly his friends do too.

Look for a lovely Naked Binder giveaway starting next week! Until then you can like them on Facebook and check out their site.

Do you try to purchase eco-friendly products for back to school?


This is a sponsored post. I received either product or compensation for this post. It did not affect my opinion of the product or service.


3 Replies to “Naked binders?”

  1. I’ve never heard of this company, so thank you for introducing them to me, can’t wait for your giveaway! Maybe I’ll win one and give it to my 4th grade daughter. I bet she’d receive compliments like your son did. His unsolicited testimony is great!
    I do try to buy eco-friendly products when availability and budget allows.

  2. I have never heard of this company.. love the binders.. Will be checking them out this year for school..


  3. Eco friendly is showing up everywhere! I like the fact that they give back with donations to conservation of wildlife and also that they use recycled materials.

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