How do you know you picked the right attorney?

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Do you want to find out before you are behind bars? After? During? Probably. Ha! Yes you want to know you picked the right attorney before. We have needed attorneys for other reasons besides getting someone out of jail. We needed an attorney when we finalized our adoption. You need an attorney when you settle an estate. During family issues, such as a divorce, attorneys are a necessity. Weinberger Law Group is there to help you and your family out.

Whether it’s a prenuptial or a child custody case this law group will guide you in the direction your family needs to take. There are a few things to remember when you are hiring an attorney.

1. Get referral from friends and family. Find out who your friends used and if they would recommend them. Then interview the attorney yourself and see if they are a good fit for you. Personality is important. However, you need to consider if they have a good reputation and will represent you well should take precedence over their personality.

2. Interview more than one lawyer. See if their personality clicks with yours and if you get a sense of how honest and true they are. Ask probing questions and make sure they’ve had a client in your situation before. What was the outcome in a case similar to yours? How many cases of xxx (divorce, adoption, child custody, etc) have they had? Do they have a ratio of wins/loses?

3. Check their reviews online. If you google their name you should be able to find happy and not so happy reviews about them. Read all the reviews you can find.

4. Ask for references from them of clients who were in similar situations. These should be the best indicator of how your potential suit may turn out. Make sure you call them and find out their experience with this lawyer.

Lawyers are there for you in your time of need. Let them be there for you and pick one that will do the best job for your situation.


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