Give Experiences not just gifts!

Forget about Gifts, Start Thinking about Experiences!
When we think of gifts we tend to think about physical items, but some of the best and most unique gifts we can give are the ones which leave their recipients empty-handed, but with the memory of a truly great experience. After all, it’s the experiences in our life which we keep forever. Material possessions inevitably end up getting lost, broken, thrown away or forgotten about.
Experience days are a great way of encouraging someone to give something a try. It might be flying, sailing, driving or going on some sort of tour. These experiences enhance someone’s life in a way that no physical gift can. We only live once and we owe it to ourselves to get “out there” and fill our days with invigorating and memorable experiences.
Airborne Experiences
Perhaps your loved one has always dreamy of flying. What could make a better gift than the opportunity to fly as a passenger or pilot on a hot air balloon, aeroplane, helicopter or jet. You can even fly military combat jets, biplanes and gliders. Experience Days provide all the training and tuition that individuals will need to turn their dream into a reality.

For those who want an even more exhilarating airborne experience, skydiving is available. Later in the year Felix Baumgartner will attempt the biggest skydive in history, and if this inspires you, a friend or loved one, why not treat them to their own skydive?

Food and Drink Experiences
If you’re looking for a slightly more tranquil but equally memorable experience, then there is a range of eating, drinking and cooking experiences available. Whether you want to brush up on your cooking skills or sample some of the finest wines and cuisines available, anyone is bound to love Xperience Day’s Food and Wine experiences.



A Dinner Cruise could be the perfect way to treat a family member or partner, or alternatively you could learn about culinary culture by taking a Culinary Tour of San Francisco.
Experience days are growing in popularity all the time, as more and more people realise that they make the ultimate gift. XperienceDays are the top provider of such experience gifts, and the website is full of available activities. Experiences can be selected based on location or price, and the website contains full details about each experience and what recipients will receive.
Next time you’re looking for a gift, think experience!


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  1. My sister has decided to stop giving her eldest son gifts and opt for experiences instead. I think it’s a great idea and will definitely mean more to a person than just a physical gift would. I guess if you want to give them something in their hands, taking a recording of the day or photies would help with that 🙂

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