Best Light Fittings for Your New Home

Any parent will tell you that lighting is one of the key aspects to creating the perfect family home. You’ll need light for cooking, getting ready for work and everyday living, while you’ll want to provide the perfect lighting for kids to do their study, without any added eye strain. In today’s modern world, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing light fittings for your new home. Factors that will greatly contribute to your decision making process will include the economic value,
environmental impact, safety levels and the quality of the light being produced. For tips on how to choose the best light fittings for your new home, follow our simple guide below.

Types of Light Fittings

There are four common forms of light fittings, which are found in most houses. If you’re building a new house, you’re likely to be choosing between the GU10, MR16, Bayonet and Edison light fittings. In a brief overview, the GU10 is most commonly used for down lights and spot lighting, while the MR16 fittings run on a lower voltage of 12V, making them a safer choice for many families. Bayonet fittings have a double pronged side pin, giving them a reputation for strength and stability, whilst
the Edison fitting was designed by Thomas Edison and is the oldest of the four fittings. The GU10 and the MR16 are the more modern choice for light fittings, particularly when building a new home, however many households still use Bayonet and Edison style fittings.

Interior Lighting

For many years, fluorescent lights were the choice for many years. In more recent times however, home developers and new home owners have opted with LED lighting for a more energy efficient solution. LED light globes will easily fit into any of the common light fittings, including the GU10, MR16, Bayonet and Edison, whilst the use of fluorescent lights often needs a transformer for compatibility. When building a new home, discuss with your builder the best options for bathroom
lighting, cabinet lights, ceiling lights, the possible use of commercial lighting, down lights and energy efficient solutions.

Exterior Lighting

Safety is always a number one priority for parents, with many families now choosing to include exterior security lighting to their new homes. If you are contemplating the use of security or sensor lights, talk to your builder about weather resistant lighting solutions, including bunker lights, floodlights, fluorescent lights, garden lighting, LED lights, commercial outdoor lighting and infrared sensor lighting.

If you’re building a new home, always consider the best options for your family. A reputable builder will be able to provide recommendations, based upon your needs, whilst it is commonly suggested that families opt for LED lighting solutions. For a safe and happy home environment for your children, choose a light fitting which provides both safety and comfort.

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