Work, work, work

Anyone ever feel like all we do is work? I want to play! I’ll play later this week when I take the kids to the zoo with my friends. I. Can. Not. Wait.  Today, however, I’m just working away. I have so much to do. But I know I can work and get most of it done. What I don’t finish today I can put on my to do list for tomorrow.

I have other friends that work at home too. One of them does her work by utilizing email lists. She’s been working with one on a doctor database. She has information that she believes will be usable to the doctors. She then  purchases the database and emails them her information. That’s how she gets her leads and makes money to help support and feed her family. If you work at home using email lists, this is a great way to go. You get your database quickly and it cuts your work time down. They have lists for the US, Canada and the UK. The US list has over 320,000 doctors in that database. With a database that size you can surely get a lot of leads and work out of it.

Remember to not just work. Take some time to play. Your kids will grow up before your eyes. Your work will always be there! Take time to smell the roses, tickle the bellies and play with your kids.


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