Summer is almost over…

sob! How can that be? What will I miss most? The incessant fighting, constant arguing, or nonstop aggravating? Hmmm.

We have been contacted by one teacher. We are anxiously awaiting the next one’s email/phone call. My kids will be sad that they have only a week and a half left of summer. I must try to plan and do something fun with them. I know, I’ll party with them using Gutzy Gear! (That’s a post for next week!) We still need to go bowling! The one thing we try to do before school starts.

I will not be loving the waking at 6 am and getting everyone ready and out of the house. I have a first grader, fourth grader, and a sophomore. Insert Huge, Overly dramatic SOB! How can that be?

I love my children and I love every stage we go through. I’m always happy for summer to get here and also am ready for summer to  leave. We do so much better on a routine.  How about you? Are you ready for school to start back already? Any plans you’ve not made and completed yet?

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  1. welllll, it’s a bit of mixed feelings thing for me too. We do well on the routine, but let’s face it, early mornings are …. not my favorite 🙂

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