More Chicago Fun

I really must confess to what a small town girl I am. The city was so loud that we woke up every day at 5am. Whistles, sirens, car horns, people talking, people walking, bicycles everywhere…it was a very busy city. I am so excited that we were able to park the car and just walk everywhere we wanted to go. I had a conference to attend and met my good friends Amee and Heather there. We had a blast, right girls? LOL Nice to see my coworkers again. I get to see them twice a year.

While I was in the conference my dh went walking around the town. He found a local theater and went to see the new Batman movie. He loved it. I loved that we walked miles every single day. It was really not worth it to move the car and go somewhere. Too much of a pain to try to park. The food was great. We saw all the regular restaurants but we wanted to try the local flavor. So after we had our pizza we tried a Chicago beef sandwich. I didn’t really love it. But I am glad I tried it. The next day we had the famous Chicago dog. I did enjoy that. We walked to the Navy Pier and took some great photos. We went on the architecture boat tour and learned a lot.

I am so thankful to be home. But so grateful I was able to visit and see Chicago for myself. Are you a big city person or small town girl?

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