Looking at how old furniture is made is cool.


I was looking for a couch table for the wall opposite my couch. I couldn’t spend any money on it. So, I went looking in my mom’s attic. She had this sweet table that she thought would work. It’s way too small. But it’s so sweet. We think my uncle L.J. made it, probably in the 50’s. You can’t tell from the picture but the legs are made from thread spools. You remember when they were wooden. I think that gives this table so much charm. I had to find a place for it in my home. I think it looks great at the end of my hallway!

I advertised what I was looking for on facebook. My friends had this in their garage.  Thank you Karen and Tim! I LOVE IT! It made my day. I have lots of burgandy accents in my living room. But I love that this is different and not so matchy matchy. It is holding my salad, spinach, and my aloe plants. Grow baby grow!

So, the question is would you paint it or leave it? If you think I should paint it what color?

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