I was visited by the Fairy HobMother!

Woot! Woot! I love fairys. They have the greatest job to visit people and spread joy! I have been seeing that other bloggers were getting visits from him. You can get a visit too. Leave me a blog comment including your email address and blog url or shout out to him on twitter @fairyhobmother and maybe you’ll wake up to him having visited your blog.

Yes, he is a He. Fairy Hobmother…hey it can happen. He also works during the day at his great store, Appliances Online. I’m so thankful that the Fairy Hobmother flitters around and delivers happiness in the form of Amazon gift codes. Delivering happiness and noticing that bloggers have a job and they do it well. Thank you Fairy Hobmother for my Amazon Gift code! I’m saving mine up to use at Christmas! Nothing like planning ahead. So, to sum up. Remember to leave me a blog comment with your name, url, and email address. And if you are one of the lucky ones maybe the Fairy Hobmother will reach out to you!!

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