Chicago fun!

My hubby and I have not had a vacation alone since the year after we got married. That would be 1994…that’s right folks 18 years. So, I had a conference to attend and we managed to arrange babysitters at the house and with the dogs! Woot! We so will not know how to act.

A fun view from the road. I had never seen a windmill farm before. I thought it was fab! It was overcast and raining most of the 9 hour ride. Sorry it’s not beautiful and bright!



We arrived on Friday afternoon before rush hour. We were still in traffic not really moving for an hour and a half. Are you kidding? Nope!  After a few misturns (is that a word?) we finally arrived at our destination. Yay!  We checked into our hotel, valet’d (is that a word??). We never do that but this city is confusing and we plan on walking everywhere possible. After being in our room for a few we went wandering around this big beautiful city.

We then went and found an authentic Chicago Pizzaria. Oh Mah Gerd it was so yummy. Our waiter actually said “fuhget aboud it!”  I am now a very big fan of Chicago Pizza! I’m a small city girl and this huge town is foreign to me. I have never seen so many people, cars, so much life and energy. It really is amazing. Hope this small town girl can sleep tonight. I’ve never heard so many people honking their horns. Til tomorrow when I will blog about blogging! Sweet dreams~


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  1. Chicago is one of my favorite cities! I love the museums, especially! As a child, I remember visiting the Museum of Science and Industry. I bet I’d even love it as an adult and can’t wait to take my son there! Enjoy yourself and congrats on your first vacation in a VERY LONG TIME!

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